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Our Programs


Our after school program focuses on 9th-12th grade students. We provide an atmosphere where they can develop a love for learning. We will provide students a snack and a time to unwind from school and then it is homework time. There will be staff available to assist with any questions a student may have. There will also be staff on hand to provide one-on-one tutoring.

We offer the following programs for students:

*Skill Development Program (SDP): 

 Helping teens discover their god-given talents and skills, in order to help teens parlay their passion into profits.

*Education Empowerment: 

Designed to improve literacy skills, numeracy skills, and overall general studies for passing the CAHSEE and for college prep.

*Fiscal Fitness Learning (FFL): 

 Established to teach wealth management, financial principles, and improve financial literacy amongst youth.

*Entrepreneur Camp: 

 Teaching basic life skills, work preparation activities (i.e. resume writing, interview skills and telephone etiquette) as well as career awareness and youth development according to the students needs and interest.

*Computer Learning Lab: 

 Designed to promote 21st century technology used in business, education, and life.

*Performing Arts Project (PAP):

Designed to introduce teens to the performing arts & cultural diversities through music instruction, artistic & creative development, artistic performances, & community talent shows.


Our mentoring program supports our mission to provide a positive and motivational atmosphere and improve the quality of life for our youth. The mentored youth have an opportunity to form lasting relationships with significant mentors who provide guidance and support. Participation in a nurturing, stable relationship with an adult in their life increases their strength for growth and personal commitment. Our mentoring programs are based on The Elements of Best Practices. The mentors and mentees will meet and participate in structured activities during the traditional after school hours.


Guidance Counselors will also be on hand to assist students in acquiring skills needed to cope with life-changing incidents, adopting positive values or principles, identifying a sense of purpose and mission for their lives, achieving serenity and peace of mind, responsible decision making, social engagement, family responsibility and accountability.